Q: Can my swing get wet with sprinklers or rain?

A: Yes, Our swings are designed to be out doors and will handle the water just fine

Q: What kind of ground will my swing need to be on?

A: It really doesn't matter. Our swings go on can go grass, dirt, brick, concrete, wood or any other hard surface.


Q: Does the fabric come in different colors?


A: At this point we are using our Tan weave as our color of choice. We do however wish to offer other colors in the not to distant future

Q: Is it necessary for me to put my swing away in the winter?

A: It really depends on the climate. In the southern states where the snow is relatively light or not at all you may leave it out. In the harsher climates you will want to take the canopy off and cover the seats.

Q: I live by the ocean. All my metal furniture rust. Will your swing rust too?


A:  Salt corrodes most metals. Our Aluminum line of furniture is design to handle the salt water.